Facilities Reservation

Are you interested in reserving our facilities? Fill out the application below to request reservation of the facilities. Once we have received the application, we will be in contact with you about whether or not the facilities are available for your request.  Note: only Meadowdale church members are allowed to reserve the facilities at Meadowdale.


Facilities Reservation

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All reservations must be approved by the staff. The staff discuss reservations at their staff meeting on Mondays. You'll be informed by that Tuesday at the latest if your reservation is approved. Please note that all church activities take priority. There is a $50 deposit to use the facilities. There will be no reservations on Sundays before 2 PM or on Wednesdays.

Are you a member of Meadowdale?*

Please note: we only allow church members to reserve facilities at Meadowdale.

Facilities Needed*

Please check the facilities needed. If you need classroom space, please indicate the needed rooms in the Purpose of Use section below.

Please explain in full the purpose of your event. Please note that weddings require an additional cost.

Date the Facility is Needed

Please be sure to include any time needed for setup of your event. As a reminder for Sunday reservations, no set-up may be done before 2 PM.

Be sure to include any time needed for cleanup of your event.