Volunteer Application

Are you interested in serving at Meadowdale? Fill out the application below to apply for positions within the church. Once we have received the application, we will put you in contact with the leader of that ministry who will then set-up an interview time to discuss your application. After that, the leader will let you know if you are approved and what the next steps are. Note: all workers in the nursery, children's ministry, and student ministry are required to have a background check.

Volunteer Application

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Where are you interested in serving?*

* Guest services includes any ministry that interacts with guests during regular services (ex: greeters, ushers, and manning the information table, etc) ** Behind the Scenes is any position that supports the weekly activities of the church (ex: Wednesday night cleanup, events planning, etc) *** Production is any position involved with technology (ex: sound & media tech, website, filming & editing, etc)