Live Stream Project


The purpose of this project is to provide the opportunity for family, friends, and others to hear the great news about Jesus through music, preaching the Word, and other elements that we include in our Sunday morning services by watching online. There are so many great opportunities with live streaming that would help us make our vision of IMPACTING GORDON & BEYOND a reality. 


The cost for the LIVE STREAM PROJECT is going to be $55,000, and we will be using Icon Media for this project. The leadership at Meadowdale unanimously agreed that we should make sure what we do is HIGH QUALITY for a REASONABLE PRICE. 
AUDIO will cost $5,000 -- includes adding a speaker and hanging all speakers from the ceiling in the Worship Center, and updating equipment for online audio. 
VIDEO will cost $32,000 -- includes new cameras, equipment to run cameras, and software for live streaming video. 
LIGHTING will cost $18,000 -- having the proper lighting is vitally important for providing a clear picture for people to see online. Bright lights are needed to properly light up the people on stage, and some color is also needed to provide depth for the background. 
STAGE -- The Vision Team will be part of this planning process, and the plan is to use money from our capital fund to pay for refreshing the stage area. Once a plan is established, we will bring the stage plan to the church, but it is not ready at this time. 


SUNDAY, APRIL 25 is our BIG GIVE SUNDAY and will be your first opportunity to give to this project. Please be praying about what God would have you give toward the LIVE STREAM PROJECT. What you give is an investment in getting the Gospel to people in Gordon County & beyond, ultimately seeing lives transformed by Jesus. Our goal for that Sunday is to get us as close to the $55,000 mark as possible. Please pray about what God would have you give. 
Our Finance Team and leadership decided that once we raise $30,000, we will be able to begin putting the project into motion. HOWEVER -- we will need to continue to give faithfully until we have reached our goal of $55,000. 
CLICK HERE to give to the Live Stream Project.