We believe our Sunday morning services are just the beginning when it comes to growing your faith. Here at Meadowdale, we are passionate about groups that connect us with Jesus and each other. We believe community is something God desires for all of us. We offer two different types of groups: Sunday Groups and Wednesday Groups. Our groups meet throughout the year. For more information about any group we offer, please contact us at .

Sunday Groups

Sunday Groups meet on Sundays at 9:45 AM on Meadowdale’s campus. There are groups for all ages. We offer groups for children, teens and adults. Our groups are time of life based and discussion topic driven. Below, you will find a list of our current Sunday Groups.

Wednesday Groups

Wednesday Groups offer authentic relationships and spiritual growth while looking into specific topics of interest. Our short-term  groups last from eight weeks, and take place on Meadowdale's campus on Wednesday night at 6:45 PM. Groups vary each session but may include men's study's, women's study's, and coed groups. Check back with us regularly as different groups and topics will be offered. To see what groups are offered and to sign up for a Short-Term Group, follow the link below:

WEdnesday Groups