COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Church update


(Updated: Tuesday, March 24th)

Greetings church family,
Seeing as how we are in a time unlike any other in recent history and our church family is without pastoral guidance at this time, I wanted to reach out to you about where we go and what we do as a church family. I know that if you are a like me right now, you feel a sense of mild anxiety all the time. Not being able to gather together as the body of Christ is counter to what many of us have done our entire lives and can leave us feeling a bit spiritually lost. So what can we do?
Find ways to support each other
While we might not be able to meet in person, it doesn’t mean we aren’t the church or that we can’t get together. Small group leaders (be it on campus or in homes) should be reaching out to their groups. Make sure everyone is doing okay. Seek opportunities to meet virtually. There are many different options available to you to use to gather online. If you need help finding one and getting it working, please contact the church office ( ) and we would love to help you get it working. If you are not part of a group and would like to be, contact the church office and we will connect you to a group that works for you! 
Stay faithful in your personal walk with God
Any time we get out of the habit of connecting to God it can be very difficult to find our way back to him. This means that it is imperative that we are spending time on our own with God. Find yourself and your family a daily devotional that you can do each day and be faithful to it. Join us each Sunday morning during this time of social distancing for an online message on Facebook (check out this past two Sunday messages here and here). If you have a student, encourage them to check out the short video message on Wednesday nights (again check out the one from this past Wednesday here) and join with their small group virtually. We also have Children’s ministry videos coming your way for your younger kids as well (the first one can be found here), plus other content for kids as well. There’s no need for social distancing when it comes to Christ. Maintain a close walk with Him!
Continue to support the church
Remember that the church survives through the tithes and offerings that you give. If you give in person via a check, please either mail in your check or look at our online option at We appreciate your faithfulness during this trying time. 
Find ways to support our community
Now, more than ever, it is important that we are Giving to Gordon. Check on your neighbors who are elderly or have health problems. Offer to pick up groceries for them or help them in other ways. Continue to support community small businesses as they try to stay open during this time of distancing. We need to be a light in this community during these tough times. Find ways to share the love of Christ to those around them. 
As always we want to be good members of our community and members. Because of that, we are suspending services indefinitely until we are through this crisis. It breaks my heart to think we won’t be able to gather together for Easter, I know this is for the best so we can do our part to keep people healthy and alive. To that end, we will continue to have digital services and small groups for the foreseeable future. Though we have suspended services for now, we must still be faithful to God. Stay connected to us through social media, email, and our website as we navigate these uncertain waters. Please remember that your church staff is here to help as we can and can be contacted at 
I love and miss everyone,
Matt Knight
Minister to Students