Impact 2022

IMPACT 2022 is part of the VISION for 2022 that Pastor Drew believes will allow Meadowdale to IMPACT GORDON & BEYOND in a significant way that could literally change the culture of our community and world. The giving goal is $80,000 for the year. This is a significant amount, but if God has given us this specific assignment, then He will make this possible. The great news is that if we give more, then we can do more! 

Will you be a part of IMPACT 2022? Let's see what God will do through our obedience to Him!





Information updated: November 28, 2022


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Given to Date: $14,124.99

This opportunity to support missions will allow the Gospel to be shared in places we can't go, but also in places we can go this year!

Annie Armstrong
Easter Offering

25% of Missions

Lottie Moon
Christmas Offering

25% of Missions


25% of Missions

Giving to

25% of Missions


Given to Date: $6,053.57

There is a good chance you know of someone's marriage that is either struggling or failing, but God can use your giving to see broken relationships restored. We believe that healthy marriages make healthy families, and healthy families make healthy communities!

Winshape Retreat

50% of Marriages

Couples to be Sent

Each retreat costs about $600.

Marriage Enrichment

50% of Marriages

FCA Valentine's Dinner for Coaches & Spouses
Coaches & Spouses Retreat
Foster Parent Events


Given to Date: $20,178.56

The heart of Meadowdale is for our community to use our facilities for various meetings and events during the week. By hosting community events on our campus, someone attending could get the itch to check us out one Sunday, which could lead to a life being transformed for Christ!

Facility Updates